The authentic coastal home

I’m going to make a bold statement here – I hate themed interiors.

As a professional designer, I find myself cringing at a lot of Coastal inspired homes.

It’s not really the owners fault, it’s such an easy trap to fall into. You see, coastal theme park interiors should come with a health warning I believe.

Hands up  – who’s collected too many shells, too many pineapples and too many gaudy fake tropical or coastal nick nacks over the years?

Well that’s OK, we’ll forgive your decorating crimes here.

The real secret to creating the perfect coastal home is – Authenticity & Simplicity.


To create Authenticity in your home, seek out those perfect coastal inspired artifacts in other places.

Discover your hunter gatherer instincts and start collecting ‘real’ objects worthy of any keen eyed interior decorator. Vintage stores, car boot sales, house clearances all have the coolest little gems that can help you create a beautiful and authentic coastal home, whether your style be nautical, beach cottage, tropical or luxe resort.

Edit your interiors and don’t stop.

This is the most important design lesson I can give you.

Simplicity is created through careful editing. The essential pieces, the right proportions, the right balance in composition.

And lastly, remember it takes time to create great interiors.

So think a little outside the box next time, to create your own authentic coastal inspired interior, and have some fun with it along the way.

Photography: Zoe Milburn 2015
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