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021I have a confession, I love to up cycle beautiful items for my home.

This is not a new idea though, generations before up cycled their furniture because there were not as many affordable options as we have today.

Up cycling offers dual pay back, being sustainable and breathing new life into an item, it’s a very rewarding adventure indeed.

The key to success is having a sharp eye and a vision.

Sometimes I might acquire a piece of furniture, only to see the puzzled look on my husbands face with the words, “so what are you going to do with that?”

This is where magic and trust come together to create the vision – usually it’s in the form of a lick of white paint or deep black japan stain.

As a Designer, I can quickly see the potential in items – it’s second nature to me.

My beach home in Queensland houses many fine pieces of up cycled furniture, and so good are the results, they easily over take the presence of mass produced store bought items.

The image to the right showcases 2 frames I picked up. A Balinese carved frame I stained and a lovely large beveled frame I painted white. I find frames very architectual, so I decided to display as is on an old wooden easal. The result is a wonderful collage display in the corner of my living room.

You see up cycling creates personality, one off pieces that not only stand the test of time, but add that extra dimension to a room.

So keep an eye out for beautiful items with potential, from your local charity stores to second hand markets.

It’s fun, inexpensive and highly addictive.

Photography: Zoe Milburn 2015
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