Pineapple Crush

I’m not quite sure what it is about pineapples, but they are fascinating.

Their regal good looks upstage any fruit and clustered together in a bowl just scream tropical, the simplest decorating trick you can adhere to your island home.

There have been many reincarnations of the pineapple over the years in home decor, some extremely questionable and others absolutely divine.

This picture still catches my eye though because it is an amazing example of great pineapple design. It has all the flambounancy of a pineapples essence but is restrained enough to still achieve its regal good looks.



The wallpaper is from Studio Printworks and is so beautiful. I’ve seen it now in many more renditions, but the Sydney Sofitel Garden Court Restaurant is still my favourite.

Let me know if you have a pineapple crush, or have seen a beautiful pineapple design.

Happy Island Styling

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